By Katie Triplett, MSN, APRN-NP


During this pandemic, I’ve been rotating through the Methodist Health System Unified Incident Command as Commander and Deputy Commander. This involves bringing together our various hospitals and clinics to maximize the safety of our patients, staff, providers, and community. There are various components to consider, from logistics and supplies to staffing to contingency planning. Unified Incident Command works to operationalize tactical initiatives, identify future needs, and optimize collaboration between patient care and operational departments across the health system.


Everyone’s personal and professional lives feel different during this pandemic, and it can be scary to think about what the future holds. However, each day I am motivated and renewed by how our organization has dealt with the needs at hand. Methodist employees and volunteers across the region have responded in droves, signing up to work extra shifts, taking on new and different tasks, and generally jumping in when help is required.


Without a doubt, the work that is occurring both behind the scenes and on the front lines happens because of our amazing Methodist employees and providers. This is a stressful time for each of us, and I’ve witnessed and been the recipient of extraordinary compassion, professionalism, and support. I’m thankful to be on this journey alongside such intelligent and truly kind coworkers.


I’d like the public to know how much Methodist Health System and the regional healthcare community is doing to prepare for this pandemic and ensure we are ready to care for our patients. We are also incredibly grateful for the support we have received from our patients and their families during these uncertain times.