By Karen Huston, Nursing Coordinator, Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Unit. 


Our unit is typically very busy and full of patients. Right now the ACE floor is much quieter due to the lack of elective surgeries, nonessential appointments and visitor restrictions. As the health system prepares for the surge, we are trying to stay healthy, as we want to be there for our patients and families.

It's scary not knowing what’s ahead. Our patients are very vulnerable because of their ages and weakened immune systems. Even though our floor is not the designated COVID-19 unit, we can be exposed to someone who doesn’t know they are infected. We all wear a mask at all times, which is difficult.


I have been working at Methodist for almost 30 years. I'm an AgeWISE nurse and gerontology certified. I am proud to be a health care provider.

I love my job and coworkers. We are passionate about patients and want to see them thrive. I have been a patient before and know what it's like being in the hospital. I feel for the families who are unable to be with their loved ones during this time.


My friends and coworkers normally do a "Christmas in July" event at Florence Home. We pass out gifts and candy to the residents and staff, and play bingo. They are so appreciative. I love to see the smiles on their faces when we show up. We decided that’s exactly what was needed right now, so we dressed up and made signs to hold outside.

We realize that everyone's world is turned upside down. People are feeling very stressed and isolated. We want to make a difference. The Florence Home residents are probably scared and very lonely. It was rewarding to see their waves and smiles. I hope this brightened their day. It's nice to know someone cares, especially in these uncertain times.

Please know we care. Be safe!