By Dr. Joseph McCaslin, Emergency Medical Director


For weeks, nearly 24 hours a day, a large team of people has been hard at work to help our patients and protect our nurses, doctors and all our employees.

From the emergency department perspective, we are preparing to take care of many very sick patients while in the middle of a major remodel at our Methodist Hospital campus. We are still seeing our everyday emergencies, like lacerations and falls and chest pain, but we are also seeing increased respiratory complaints.


Despite all this, I am constantly impressed by the dedication of everyone at Methodist. People are coming to work and taking care of patients, even at their own personal health risk. From the administration to all the support services, to the medical staff, to the bedside nurses, paramedics, techs, phlebotomists, radiology techs and other support staff, everyone is focused, dedicated, and continuing to show why Methodist is such a special place to work and see patients.

This is what keeps me focused and energized to help plan and to treat patients. We are all here for each other, supporting each other, and offering to help in ways we have never had to consider in the past. People are thinking outside the box and are willing to stretch outside their normal comfort zones to help.


We know that there is a good possibility that this pandemic is going to get worse for us here in Nebraska, and we will get busier. We are doing everything we can to be ready. The Meaning of Care is happening every day!