By Diana Ferestad, Cleaning Technician


I have worked at Methodist for 37 years and can't remember a time like this. My coworkers and I have been putting in extra hours to prepare for a surge of patients. As part of the environmental services team, we are here to help by sanitizing and disinfecting Methodist. A clean hospital is our number one priority. We want to make sure our patients feel comfortable and safe. We are proud to be serving during this pandemic.

We see the patients who are alone because of the visitor restrictions. It breaks your heart to know how much they miss their loved ones at a time when they really need them. You can see it in their faces. I try to offer some comforting words.


We take many precautions and have received extra training on how to clean a COVID-19 room. We ensure sanitizer bottles are filled in all parts of the health system. We repeatedly wipe down computer carts, nursing stations and all public areas — even the elevator buttons. I am responsible for many of the patient lobbies, waiting rooms and restrooms at Methodist Hospital. Right now, we are short a few employees because of fears associated with COVID-19.

My family is concerned about the virus too. We take extra safety measures at home as well. I tell them to follow the guidelines and we will be okay. We will get through this.


We are a team at Methodist. Even though we have different jobs and work in different departments, we all have the same goal — to care for our patients and their families. We are looking out for each other too, making sure to keep a positive attitude.

I like coming to work every morning because it gives me a purpose. I take pride knowing the patients, visitors and employees do not have to worry about the cleanliness of their surroundings. I go out of my way to make sure everything is just right and I know it's making a difference.